About Us

Welcome to the Friendship Inn. (click to view video provided by Public Relations at The University of Kansas Health System)

Our mission is to be a “home away from home” for families of patients at The University of Kansas Health System. Although not free, accommodations are affordable, and no family in need is turned away.

When a family member is diagnosed with a serious illness or an unexpected trauma, families can face emotional distress, financial strains and many other challenges. In addition to attending to the complicated medical needs, families need a “home away from home” to help keep them relax, care for other children or other family members, and keep up with out-of-pocket expenses. Because of the Friendship Inn, families are not forced to spend their days and nights in waiting rooms or in the isolation of expensive hotel rooms. Instead, they come to our Inn and find a friendly face, a comfortable bed, a hot shower and a calming place to rejuvenate.

Because our hospitality is bigger than our modest accommodations will sometimes allow, Friendship Inn offers priority reservations for those who live more than 50 miles away and are either patients; or loved ones visiting patients; at The University of Kansas Health System. Our home is comfortable with four private upstairs bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, one full and two half baths, plus first-floor common areas, laundry facilities (in the basement and can be used with Staff supervision), Smart TV with YouTube tv service, free Google Wi-Fi, and off-street parking.

This beautiful, turn-of-the-century home in Kansas City’s historic Hanover Heights is fully restored thanks to a grant from the Victor Speas Foundation. It is also conveniently located less than two blocks from The University of Kansas Health System.

The need for the Friendship Inn is needed for those traveling to The University of Kansas Health System and having to navigate in an unfamiliar area. If you would like to share your time or financial support to help families during their time of need, please contact us.